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In GAEAP we generate reports about the Mexican economy and its finance, in both Spanish and English. If you need a report or an article about what is happening regarding the Mexican economy in English we can do the research and write it for you.


Our firm specializes on the analysis of the Mexican monetary policy and its relation with the Fed, exchange rate forecasts, interest rates forecast, industrial policy, labor markets, country trade balance by sector, price indexes, among other important topics.


Here are a few of GAEAP´s articles about the Mexican and World Economy published in the United States and in our site:


1. Article: Mexican economist says oil not solution to trade imbalance with China

2. Mexico urged to prepare to transition out of export market that is too reliant on oil.

3. Mexico’s economic modernization and outlook (February 24th, 2014)

4. A Global Framework for Volatile Flows? (July 21st, 2014)

5. What has happened to the Mexican peso in 2014? (August 1st, 2014)

6. Russia bans food imports from United States and European Union (August 7th, 2014)

7. Consumer sentiment in the United States falls to 10-month low (August 15th, 2014)

8. Is China playing fair in foreign trade? It just expanded its export tax rebate to more ports (August 15th, 2014)











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